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How Do I Report Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina?

As a nursing home abuse lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, I’ve dealt with some heartbreaking cases involving abuse and neglect of the elderly and disabled. Unfortunately, incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect occur far too often in South Carolina. For More Information Visit Website: - https://www.charlestonlaw.net/nursing-home-abuse-south-carolina/

DUI Attorney in Charleston

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, or the surrounding areas, you’re probably worried about your license, your job or school, and your future. Let a Charleston DUI attorney from Futeral & Nelson help you get back on the road. For More Information Visit Our Website: - https://www.charlestonlaw.net/charleston-dui-defense-lawyer/

What Does a Lawyer Do for a Family as a Family Lawyer?

For issues like divorce, child custody, guardianship the role of a family lawyer cannot be ignored. The family lawyer can also take care of issues like spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, property settlement. In such a stressful situation, family lawyers can help you to get through it by handling legal affairs. Below are some of the ways, a family law attorney can help you. https://charlestonlawllc.blogspot.com/2019/02/what-does-lawyer-do-for-family-as.html

What is Criminal Domestic Violence in South Carolina?

Our Charleston criminal defense lawyers deal with criminal domestic violence cases in family court and criminal court. In other words, we’ve defended persons accused of criminal domestic violence and have helped victims of CDV. In 2015, our law was changed, and now most prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers refer to the cases simply as Domestic Violence (DV) cases instead of CDV.Read More Information Visit Website:- https://www.charlestonlaw.net/charleston-lawyer-criminal-domestic-violence-cdv/


Can I Get Back (Retroactive) Child Support in South Carolina?

Often, the family lawyers at Futeral & Nelson are asked whether someone trying for child support can get back support. This situation happens in a couple of different ways. One example is where a child support was awarded earlier in the child’s life, and then the parent receiving support wants to increase it because they found out the parent paying support is earning more money. For More Information Visit Website:- https://www.charlestonlaw.net/retroactive-child-support-south-carolina/

Employment Attorneys in Charleston SC

Discrimination in the workplace isn’t a thing of the past. Every day, minorities overhear racial slurs made by co-workers or supervisors, women get sexually harassed by their bosses, and the disabled are let go from their jobs or passed over for promotion. For More Information Visit Website- https://www.charlestonlaw.net/charleston-employment-law-attorneys/

What Is Employment Law - Guide To Hiring A Lawyer

Employment law governs issues in employment such as hiring, workplace disputes, and terminations and controls the behaviors of Employees, employers and independent contractors.

Dui Lawyer In Charleston Who Will Fight For Your Rights

Being caught for DUI (drunk driving) has become very common in US. There are numerous examples of loosing job and even of imprisonment for those drivers who are charged with the case. But nowadays DUI charges is no more a big deal as you can find a DUI Attorney to help you to get out form the situation in the soonest possible time.

Business lawyers in Charleston SC

There are business lawyers in Charleston, and then there are lawyers who “mean business.” At Futeral & Nelson, we’re Charleston business attorneys with over 30 years of combined experience representing small, medium, and large companies. For More Information Visit Website- https://www.charlestonlaw.net/charleston-business-law-attorneys/

Personal Injury Lawyers in Charleston SC

Are you Injured in Charleston? The Funeral & Nelson LLC represents victims of personal injury and car accidents, as well as lawsuits and negligent claims. Give Us Your Problems. We’ll Give You Solutions.call us. 843-284-5500.More Information Visit Website-